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OEP's business development division is focused on the goals of introducing a diverse range of innovative products and expanding its overseas markets

The division actively seeks products of major international firms for distribution and opportunities for development cooperation. Currently, OEP works closely with the following international firms:


Obtained the exclusive rights of ASC-J9 acne cream in Taiwan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia from AndroScience. The phase II clinical trial is completed and promising, the development project plan to move forward


Cooperated with French company Besins for long periods, obtaining exclusive rights to sell the company’s hormone products in Taiwan’s market


Signed agreement with Italian Chiesi Pharmaceutical Company for exclusive rights of Foster® and Trimbow® in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. Foster® was approved in Taiwan and covered by National Healthcare Insurance since 2010 and also approved in above countries since 2011


Authorized by Switzerland company Debiopharm to sell its cancer drugs in Taiwan and Southeast Asia


Signed agreement wihth HRA pharma, obtained the exclusive rights of Ella®/Esmya, new mechanism drug to treat uterine fibroids, which has approved by TFDA

Pierre Fabre

Cooperated with French company Pierre Fabre for long periods, obtaining exclusive rights to sell the company’s anti-cancer products in Taiwan and Southeast Asia


Signed a cooperation agreement with Plethora Solutions Limited in 2018, officially acquiring exclusive distribution rights for Fortacin, premature ejaculation treatment, in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Dossier is under preparing for Taiwan FDA submission


Obtained permit since 2001 for exclusive rights for the antihypertensive drug Zanidip of an Italian pharmaceutical company Recordati in Taiwan’s market

Second Sight

Entered cooperative agreement with Second Sight in 2016, acquiring exclusive distribution rights for the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System in Taiwan and obtained permission to sell in Taiwan


Exclusively distributed the Company’s niche generic drug for the treatment of blood tumor in Taiwan and Philippine markets


Exclusive rights for the manufacturing and marketing of the company’s blood glucose lowering agents in Taiwan's market


Signed a cooperative agreement with American company TissueTech in 2016, officially acquiring exclusive rights for the company’s next series of opthalmologic tissue products in Asia Pacific. Aminograft has received marketing authorization in Taiwan

Partnership & Licensing

Looking for partnership in:

  • OP-014, for Hypersalivation
  • Methydur, for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD)

For more information, please contact: licensingout@mail.oep.com.tw