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OEP believes that employees are the company’s most valuable intangible assets, and that people only are the key advantage that a company has towards pursuing excellence and sustainable operations. To provide employees with a safe and secure work environment, the company seeks to improve workplace quality and pursue the goal of zero hazards.


OEP complies with operating procedures of labor laws and regulations stipulated in Taiwan and areas where overseas subsidiaries are located. Regarding office designs and regulations, OEP takes into consideration shockproof, fireproof, and soundproof elements to create the most heartwarming, comfortable, and safe office environment for employees as well as conference and training rooms that are fully equipped with advanced equipment and control systems.

OEP values employee benefits and welfares and hopes to attract talented professionals by providing competitive remuneration packages. We actively cultivate talents, implement labor laws and regulations, and protect employees’ interests and rights to create a happy and lively workplace.

OEP emphasizes the importance of equality by building a gender-equal and friendly workplace where employees are protected against unfair treatment due to gender inequality during the course of their career development.


OEP abides by government labor laws, and has formulated an employee handbook to safeguard the basic rights of employees. To prevent workplace occupational injury, the company has taken the initiative to protect employee health by offering health and safety education each year and regular health checks. At the same time, a safe workplace is created by gradually acquiring ergonomic office equipment to reduce musculoskeletal injuries sustained from long periods of deskwork.

OEP advocates and pursues a corporate culture that embraces work–life balance. Our company pays attention to employees’ physical and mental health and focuses corporate operation development on employees’ work–life balance. To enhance employees’ physical and mental health, OEP offers training and stress-relieving channels for employees to care for their daily needs, thereby creating a positive culture and spirit within the company.


OEP values its long-term goals

OEP values its long-term goals: To develop and sustain its subsidiaries in Taiwan and overseas, encourages and supports employee diversification, implements a job rotation mechanism, and provides employees with a platform for diversification in hopes that each of its employees could thrive in the international community.

OEP initiates various training courses and career competency development programs to foster well-rounded talents in corporate sustainable operations and provide a wide range of training programs and incentives (e.g., orientation training, on-the-job professional training, management education, self-development education, external training subsidy, and incentive systems for talent retention).

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