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Naturally Near to Mother Nature

Karihome is the result of collaborative research between outstanding experts from New Zealand and Taiwan, Karihome is specially developed for the needs of infants in Asia-Pacific. Manufactured under the most rigorous quality control, its goat and cow milk formulas are imported in original packaging, and is not only certified in New Zealand, but also complies with Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare quality standards. The reputable Karihome goat milk series is the leading brand among domestic goat milk formulas.

Different from other enterprises, DGC is owned by 72 farm owners, including OEP. Thus we know where every drop of our goat milk origins from. Our milk formula is 100% sourced & produced in New Zealand. Since the establishment in 1991, Karihome has incorporated studies conducted by medical and infant experts internationally to develop products most suitable for infants and toddlers in the Asian-Pacific region, and we vow to keep the most stringent quality control. Karihome produced the very 1st can of Goat IMF in the world & is the 1st goat IMF brand to get approved by EFSA.

Karihome is sold worldwide with complete goat products from IMF to adult milk, as we as other various product ranges from Cow IMF, Cow HA IMF, Milk sweeties, to Baby Cereal.